Ramona Braganza

Celebrity Trainer & Global Fitness Expert to Some of the Hottest Bodies in Hollywood!

A terrific addition to any corporate retreat, fitness workshop, or keynote session on fitness, nutrition and wellbeing, Celebrity fitness trainer Ramona Braganza may be most known for sculpting hot Hollywood bodies, including that of Jessica Alba’s and Halle Berry’s, but her love of fitness and quest for excellence has facilitated the transformation of hundreds of non-celebrity bodies and attitudes worldwide.

Recognized as one of the top Personal Trainers in the world among the entertainment industry, Ramona has worked as Jessica Alba’s personal trainer for the last 12 years and also trained such female celebrities as Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale, Amanda Seyfried, Ashlee Simpson Wentz, Eva Mendez and Scarlett Johansson. Male clients she has worked with include, Zac Effron, Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper, Tom Welling and Michael Weatherly.

Many of her famous clients were shaped using Ramona’s 3-2-1 Training Method of 3 CARDIO segments, 2 CIRCUIT strength training segments and 1 CORE segment. Capable of giving her female clients long lean definition she is equally capable of adding size and strength to her male clientele by drawing from her intense weight training and fitness competition background. Ramona has been singled out as the “go to” trainer if you have six weeks to prepare for your next role or six years to transform from head to toe. She is also the woman responsible for getting new moms back into shape with her 321 Baby Bulge Be Gone program, developed specifically for clients Halle Berry, Jessica Alba and Ashlee Simpson Wentz.

She may look like she is in her 30’s, but at 50 Ramona boasts more than 25 years in the fitness industry. Due to her expert knowledge, Ramona has made editorial contributions to Shape, Marie Claire, Men’s Health, Allure, Fit Pregnancy, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s World, Self, Women’s Health and Fitness, Glamour, Cosmo Girl, Vogue, In Style, People, US Weekly, In Touch, OK and many more. She was the 2007 spokeswoman for the Kraft Foods’ South Beach Diet and since 2008 has been the spokesperson for Coca Cola/Glaceau Vitaminwater, In 2010 she became spokesperson for Pirate Brand’s Pirate Booty Snacks, Omron’s Go Smart Pedometers, You Tonics, and is a Fitness Expert panel member for Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute.

Production companies continuously seek her out to train their stars while on location. After years around the world on different movie sets using limited equipment and relying on soft sand, nearby mountains, trees, and rocks to fit in workouts, Ramona designed a custom built 48' mobile fitness trailer that
rivals the world’s most exclusive gyms. “Mobile Physique” has been on the sets of BLADE 3 where she trained Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds, X-MEN 3 training Halle Berry and Dania Ramirez, FANTASTIC FOUR 2 with Jessica Alba and Chris Evans, and the A-TEAM movie where Ramona trained cast members Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Sharlto Copley and Jessica Biel.

Ramona combines her “321 Method” with her “321 Nutrition Plan.” Her incredibly contagious and infectious energy will get even the most sluggish of bodies toned and healthy. “You can do a workout anywhere, any time, with very little supplies,” says Ramona, who was born in Germany to East Indian parents. An international upbringing has not only allowed her to become fluent in English, French and German, but to work with all types of clients from A-list celebrities to stay-at-home moms, and from NFL cheerleaders to corporate executives.

From the age of four, Ramona became involved in sports. A competitive career in gymnastics in high school led to dance, which led to a career as a cheerleader for the NFL Los Angeles Raiders where she won numerous awards including “Raiderette of the Year.” After a decade of professional cheerleading, she served as one of the Raiders’ Choreographers and as Dance Director for the NFL Europe League before competing as a professional fitness athlete. Instantly recognized for her exceptional physique, Ramona began modeling for top fitness magazines, including gracing the cover of Muscle and Fitness. She was also a model and guest host for Pinnacle Sports and Body by Jake, and appeared in fitness commercials for such brands as Reebok and Champion Sports. Often called upon as a fitness expert for MTV, VH1, Extra and on E Channel, she was the 2009 Body By Glamour featured celebrity trainer and was the 2012 Redbook magazine’s Celebrity Trainer in their 3 month Fit Back into Your Wedding Dress challenge. A regular contributor for the Huffington Post she has recently joined the staff of magazine Heart and Soul with her own Fitness column. Along with presenting internationally, Ramona has put Kate Beckinsale through the 321 program for her role in Underworld 4, Eva Mendez in her new movie and made Scarlett Johansson camera ready for her role in Under My Skin.

With her 321Fitness retreats scheduled in such locations as the Bahamas, Mexico, Austria, India and the UAE, Ramona is busy helping people around the world to discover the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for the long term, looking at fitness from the inside out. Her motto is "Not for a Hollywood Body. Do it for YOU!"

To book Ramona Braganza to speak at your event, please contact: Jan Jones Worldwide Speakers Bureau at 1-760-431-8692

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